1. Warranty policy

(1) We have uniform quality standards for each species.


(2) The batch will be 100% tested before shipment (against the standard quality).


(3) If there is a problem with the feedback quality, we will re-test the batch and give feedback according to the customer's test report, and give technical guidance to the customer.


(4) Compensation or replenishment for real quality problems.


2. Order tracking

(1) Tracking the arrival of goods after sailing to inform customers in time.


(2) Track the customer's customs clearance after the goods arrive at the port.


(3) Ask customers about the use and sales situation about 30 days after receiving the goods, whether they need technical guidance


3. Online customer service

We will provide you with after-sales service support within 24 hours, and you can ask our email and phone for any questions.


4. Training service

We can provide comprehensive product training service support, customers can conduct training related to the use of the product through the online meeting.


Support services:


OEM: Support logo /packaging / manual customization. We are the exclusive supplier of various famaus brands.


ODM : Excellent R&D team and advanced production equipment can be perfect to achieve your designed products.


Wholesale: Wide experience in bulk export. Highly productior efficiency can ensures delivery time.


Dropshipping: Support droshipping service. we have a complete SOP to handle all of your online orders.